I Bought A Vowel

Have you heard of the BInC Foundation? BInC is the Book Industry Charitable Foundation and they are amazing. Their mission is to support the bookselling community through charitable programs.

They have helped booksellers through a variety of personal disasters as well as through 911, Hurricane Katrina, and Superstorm Sandy. Here is their link, go check them out. http://www.bing.com/search?q=binc+foundation&form=DELCTX&pc=MDDCJS&mkt=en-us&pq=binc+&sc=8-5&sp=3&qs=AS&sk=AS2

But what has this to do with buying a vowel? BInC rescued the signage from the Borders’ stores and put them up for auction on Ebay with all proceeds going to support their various programs. I have been following the auctions and bid on several letters only to lose to a higher bidder. Last week there wasn’t a higher bidder and I now own a “U”, since BInC is in my town I went over and picked it up earlier this week. Now a little piece of Borders is mine and I have given a little support to a fine organization.

Borders is now retail history but the best part of it has reinvented itself and lives on.