Review-Hard as Steel

Hard As Steel-Kristin Michelle Adams

This is one of those books that makes you wonder if the author is playing a huge joke on you. It’s not really erotica, romance, or science fiction but I think that’s what the author was trying for. What she ended up with was a simplistic almost plot, characters with all the depth of onion skin, and a story, sort of, that badly needs an editor.

Meet Infinity and Asher, they live in a future where men and women live separately because in the past men were cheating, disease laden scum that infected the poor, suffering women. And we’re off to a good start. To prevent widespread disease and death the sexes were separated and now both have their sex bots to satisfy them and provide the means for procreation.

And right there you have  a more complex plot than exists in this mess.

Infinity, there is also a Trinity, an Eternity, and a Serenity later in this story, goes to pick out her sex bot on her 25th birthday and chooses the only real man, Asher, in the crowd. She tries him out and likes his performance so takes him home.

She discovers he is real, the bot police come to take him away, they escape to that mythical place beyond the fence where, it is rumoured, men and women live together. They find the rumour is true, find Asher’s father and rouse the villagers to go and set the people free.

Living together seems to be the only difference between the two groups of people, they all enjoy holding stereotypical roles and jobs in both societies. Men go out and bring home the mammoth and women bake, sew, and raise the kids.

The dialogue has all the sophistication of two 13 year old cheerleaders.

The author needs to find an editor, kidnap and hold him or her captive in her basement. There is no way she could ever afford to pay for what needs fixing in this book. A few examples of Adams at her best:

I pick out a dark hair, blue or brown eye bot? I don’t know- I thought she was choosing a sex bot

What is this contraception you are wearing?-  So many images, so wrong a word

separated the kiss- Like an egg maybe?

I guess they don’t want the world to know that a man has gotten into the women area.- There are more like this

Swiss dotted- dotted swiss, dotted swiss, not some poor citizen of Switzerland with speckles

I have never been on top before, but I was really enjoying the feeling.- Of course you hadn’t, you were a virgin two pages previously

saw little beady eyes craw under the fence – Sticks in my…

Now that I got that off my chest, how else was your life?- I told you there was more

Your very welcome- You’re, you’re, you are,

Once outside the room we found two pairs of sandals that we each slippe d on our feet.- Still more

lets go meet the heard- let’s go hear the seen

Jade put his arm around a pretty red headed girl that was probably only five six in height.- More more

speak to you alone, if you may let me do so.- More yet again

There looked to be about fifty family’s out there.- Family’s what out there?

there was one major tall tale sign- I won’t tell if you won’t

covered in flour and other baking goods- This girl is HOT.

with Jade and I close on his tale- De-tail, re-tail, his tail

She insured me that it would be enough- Flo stopped by

The only thing I did was once it was up we made some slices into the pig and stuffed it with onions and garlic.- More, more, more

I had sweat in places I didn’t even know I could sweat at.- Here’s sweatin’ at you, kid.

“…From this point on I want everyone on guard and to stay as quiet as you can. This is it! Are you ready men?” The crowd, including myself, began to shout with joy.- Logic is her bitch.

Are you read Hun?- I’m in love, I’m in love, with Attila the Hun

Then at the end of this fast paced, tension filled, cutting edge erotic, rather limp effort Asher gets to kill a few guards. I recognize the names of real posters/reviewers and wonder if they realize the author feels like the rejected girlfriend. Got to tell you, Kristin, I don’t think they share your thinly disguised girl crush. Follow your own advice, just move on. You’ll meet a nice girl when you least expect to.

I’m just sorry I can’t recommend your book.

Eve Thomas Wants To Silence Your Voice (and Mine Too)

“Eve Thomas     ‏@EveThomas40

This has gone too far! I urge everyone to look at the accounts of these GR bullies here on twitter,”

Because the only voice that needs to be heard is hers, #onevoice.

Yesterday I posted a link to the story that started this latest Thomas debacle. The author describes her encounter with Eve Thomas and it’s an, shall we say educational, experience. Thomas willfully ignores what is being said to her, trying instead to force her own agenda on the author.  Since the author was not in imminent peril the story shows Thomas to be merely frustrating and uninterested to this woman’s needs. But if the author had been in imminent peril Thomas’ lack of comprehension could have had fatal results.

But you can’t say this, because if you do you are a bully, a hater, jealous, feeble-minded, and my favorite, a conspiracy by her ex.

You can’t say that Thomas has rushed to print a group of survivors’ stories and has made a total mess of it. Her shrill, strident insistence that the unedited stories represent the “voice” of each survivor and any editing would take that away just points out Thomas’ lack of knowledge even after publishing two books.

In these badly assembled and presented stories lies gold but a lot is hidden or diminished by extraneous detail or uncertain writing ability. A good editor would have mined that gold but Thomas refuses to see that. Any idea or opinion that does not agree with hers is treated like three day old roadkill.

And now after reading of one woman’s experience with Thomas I can clearly see that the only voice that will ever be allowed is Thomas’.  All other voices, all dissenting opinions, all other survivors of abuse should just fall silent.

Dear Ms Thomas, who will protect me from you?



I was going to write a long review describing everything that I found lacking in the book Fifty Shades of Abuse compiled by Eve Thomas, a self styled “tiny peacefighter ” for the cause  of domestic abuse,  but now a situation has occurred and this is the end of this review.

Several contributors are calling for their chapters to be removed. There seem to be several reasons given depending on who’s posts you can find.

Eve seems to have overstepped herself in rushing to provide “support” for someone and offended several people in the process. She then had a disagreement with one or more of them over her questionable methods.

Now two contributors, maybe more but I can find only two, are asking to have their chapters removed from the book. Eve is claiming one is complaining about the fact that the material used is unedited.

THIS IS IMPORTANT– From what I can gather Eve used material without getting the owner’s express permission and this means without the proper contracts necessary to protect all involved.

This is a big, hot mess and sad, sad, sad, for those contributors who acted in good faith for a woman who has only her self interests at heart.