I was going to write a long review describing everything that I found lacking in the book Fifty Shades of Abuse compiled by Eve Thomas, a self styled “tiny peacefighter ” for the cause  of domestic abuse,  but now a situation has occurred and this is the end of this review.

Several contributors are calling for their chapters to be removed. There seem to be several reasons given depending on who’s posts you can find.

Eve seems to have overstepped herself in rushing to provide “support” for someone and offended several people in the process. She then had a disagreement with one or more of them over her questionable methods.

Now two contributors, maybe more but I can find only two, are asking to have their chapters removed from the book. Eve is claiming one is complaining about the fact that the material used is unedited.

THIS IS IMPORTANT– From what I can gather Eve used material without getting the owner’s express permission and this means without the proper contracts necessary to protect all involved.

This is a big, hot mess and sad, sad, sad, for those contributors who acted in good faith for a woman who has only her self interests at heart.

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