Eve Thomas Wants To Silence Your Voice (and Mine Too)

“Eve Thomas     ‏@EveThomas40

This has gone too far! I urge everyone to look at the accounts of these GR bullies here on twitter,”

Because the only voice that needs to be heard is hers, #onevoice.

Yesterday I posted a link to the story that started this latest Thomas debacle. The author describes her encounter with Eve Thomas and it’s an, shall we say educational, experience. Thomas willfully ignores what is being said to her, trying instead to force her own agenda on the author.  Since the author was not in imminent peril the story shows Thomas to be merely frustrating and uninterested to this woman’s needs. But if the author had been in imminent peril Thomas’ lack of comprehension could have had fatal results.

But you can’t say this, because if you do you are a bully, a hater, jealous, feeble-minded, and my favorite, a conspiracy by her ex.

You can’t say that Thomas has rushed to print a group of survivors’ stories and has made a total mess of it. Her shrill, strident insistence that the unedited stories represent the “voice” of each survivor and any editing would take that away just points out Thomas’ lack of knowledge even after publishing two books.

In these badly assembled and presented stories lies gold but a lot is hidden or diminished by extraneous detail or uncertain writing ability. A good editor would have mined that gold but Thomas refuses to see that. Any idea or opinion that does not agree with hers is treated like three day old roadkill.

And now after reading of one woman’s experience with Thomas I can clearly see that the only voice that will ever be allowed is Thomas’.  All other voices, all dissenting opinions, all other survivors of abuse should just fall silent.

Dear Ms Thomas, who will protect me from you?