Review-Why Kimba Saved The World

A solid start for a new author.

This is the story of Kimba and the choices she has to make between the orders of the mysterious cat in the mirror and the human family that rescued and loves her.

The story was charming but lacked enough tension to keep my interest. Ms Dendler sets up a situation then backs off, Kimba is presented with an order from the cat in the mirror, Kimba frets about it, Kimba then sets aside why she was worried and instead thinks about how to obey the order and after she does then she worries about what it all means again. Rinse, repeat.

I think even children as young as this book is appropriate for can sustain a certain ongoing level of tension for the duration of the story. But it is a charming story and should appeal to the aimed for age group.

It is well written, punctuated correctly (as far as I can tell), and I didn’t find any misspellings (Ms Dendler, you have no idea how bad it can get). This is an absolute must for me in books for a younger audience.

And I will be reading Ms Dendler’s next book, Vacation Hiro, featuring Kimba’s sister

Why Kimba Saved The World (Cats in the Mirror, #1)