A Little More on Kate Kaynak

I must apologize, I didn’t properly research Kate Kaynak before I posted. I have found out a little more about dear Kate. Remember her description of herself?

>”I work for the publishing company (on a side note, I designed the cover with the girl who’s been in a POD for a year, but still has good hair, because they have SHOWERS AND HAIRDRYERS AND STUFF, since it’s not a bunker), and I have to say, this thread is disturbing. Please refrain from use of profanity and personal attacks! “

It seems Kate is a Managing Editor at Spencer Hill and edited the book in question. I’m sure her position both in the company and in relationship to this book just slipped her mind in her haste to be totally transparent about, well, everything.

“Kate Kaynak (Managing Editor at Spencer Hill Press, Editor of The Covenant Series, Cursed, The Veil Trilogy, PODs, and Amarok, Co-Editor of UnCONventional, Milayna, Elemental, and Fae) is the author of Minder, Adversary, Legacy, Accused, and Operative”

Not to worry, Kate, I corrected your status over on that GoodReads review. No thanks are necessary.

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