Dear Kate Kaynak

Yesterday Kate Kaynak , author and employee of publisher Spencer Hill Press, put her foot in her mouth and her head up her ass and shows no sign of removing either body part from either orifice.  She got on my bad side in her blog, guess where.  So since I couldn’t express my full opinion on her blog, here it is.

You, whether by intent or not, have minimalized R’s responses. Her remarks were at least insulting and could be construed as a attack on the reviewer.

Therefore saying that the attack began on R and not on the reviewer is misleading. But perhaps you agree with R’s calling the review stupid,

“You know, I get that you didn’t like the book and that’s great. Not everyone will. But, damn, you trashed it. There is a way to give a review in an intelligent, judicious, fair way. Your review didn’t do that. So, in my opinion, you’re just as bad as the writer you’re trashing. So sad. You could have used your voice to help rather than cut down. Maybe the author could have used your words to learn something, but the way you presented your review…there’s nothing to learn except you can’t give an accurate (yes, you have inaccuracies), articulate, review without being hostile. It’s so disappointing when I see reviews like yours. Such a missed opportunity.”

Once was more than enough but then she repeats herself:

“And like I said, such a missed opportunity. So sad to waste your opinion. I didn’t say it was wrong, just to be clear. I commented on how it was presented. And, to quote you, that’s my opinion and I think I justified it. And to other person who commented (*****)same to you. Such a missed opportunity to give an intelligent review that would be useful not only to readers, but the author as well. So very sad.”

Yeah, R was very respectful and gentle in her comments.

Then you appear,

I work for the publishing company (on a side note, I designed the cover with the girl who’s been in a POD for a year, but still has good hair, because they have SHOWERS AND HAIRDRYERS AND STUFF, since it’s not a bunker), and I have to say, this thread is disturbing. Please refrain from use of profanity and personal attacks! ”

What did you think you were doing? You work for the publisher, you publish books with them, you post under a review and start by admonishing the reviewer and other posters about their language and responses.

Yes, Kate, you were really, really stupid.  And seemingly want to continue being that way because this blog isn’t a really good idea either.

Because you knew better, you did it anyway, you exhibited behavior that I hope your publisher will reprimand you for, and now you have written this blog post which sounds like you are seeking sympathy and approval for your bad judgment.

Sorry, for your bad judgment.

One last thing, Kate,  “Here’s the thing: a book isn’t just a book to authors–it’s a piece of their soul. If that causes non-writers to eyeroll, I can’t do anything about that. But books are like children to those of us who write. If someone says your baby is ugly, it hits you hard. And being accused of creating a racially insensitive character is an accusation of being a racist.”.


“Non-writers”? Because we all know that only writers are creative, artistic, whatever. No one else puts their heart and soul into their work. Can you be ANY more insulting? On behalf of dancers (including myself), painters, musicians, sculptors, poets, performance artists of all sorts, landscape artists, and all the other artists not mentioned, you, Kate, are an insensitive, tactless, ignorant moron. What do you think we do? Writers are not in a special class, in an ivory tower of artistic creativity.

Most of us are also practical enough to know that when you put your “soul” out into the public arena, and especially when you start charging for it, that part of your “soul” is open to the interpretation of any member of the public who reads/watches/experiences it. What they glean from it should not only educate the artist but make them question their own experiences.

Sometimes our art can reflect things about ourselves that we are unaware of and would deny.

But what do I know, I’m a non-writer.

So, Kate, I tried very hard to be polite and I think one little moron can be excused, don’t you? Under the circumstances. But I’m not going to excuse your stupidity under any circumstances.

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