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“My choice, my decision was taken away from me this week, I was made to feel like a victim once again but rather than let a couple of people reveal my real name, my first name Heather has never been a secret but my last name I have protected for me and my girls I dug really deep and to be honest deeper than I have ever before and the night before my birthday I revealed on twitter my real name.” 8-2-12, Eve Thomas/Marie Heather Simpson


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Hi fellow Writers and Readers
I have just put my first attempt at erotica up on here and would appreciate any feedback that is on offer, good, bad or indifferent.
This is a totally  new style of writing for me and I am wondering whether to stick with it or shelf it for the time being and go back to writing the “normal” stuff Smile
I will of course try my very best to swap reads but appreciate only honest comments – I am here for feedback and to perhaps connect with other writers.
Many thanks  Heather Simpson/Eve Thomas  The Eyes  http://www.authonomy.com/books/45383/the-eyes/
Posted: 01/07/2012 17:45:39

Poor Eve, she’s been in that corner a loooooong time. And who put her there? Why I do believe the first person to out Eve was EVE. Sorry, Eve/Marie/Heather, if you want to show how put upon you are, how beleaguered, you are going to have to do better. So many of us knew your name, so many of us knew where you published it, and like Rhett Butler, we just didn’t give a damn.