What You Don’t Know, Nobody Will Tell You

Rules are important. A clearly defined set of rules gives you a sense of security and tells you the behavior expected from both those who follow the rules and those who enforce them.

If there are no rules, no defined code of conduct, insecurity and fear set in. Some will push hard with extreme behavior, some will hunker down and wait to see what happens, some will ask permission to breathe. We are wired to fear the unknown though we all react differently to that fear.

When we ask for direction, when we ask for clarification, we don’t want obfuscation, we don’t want to be told you already explained this. We are smart, if we have to ask then you haven’t explained it very well, you haven’t given clear directions.

We do understand your dilemma, if you give us rules then they have to apply to everybody, including you. Where’s the fun in that?

People want clear rules, for themselves and for you.  So sorry, but this time I’m  afraid you’re going to have to answer.

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