The “Whorror” Of It All

I cannot believe I have to do this. It’s probably a hopeless endeavor but I’ll give it a try.

There is a world of difference between “whore” and “attention whore”. A whore is someone, male or female, who exchanges sexual acts for money. Generally also considered not in the top drawer of the sex-for-money profession.

An attention whore is someone, again male or female, that does rather dubious or annoying things to garner attention. This could be things like showing up at every large social event in town, from building dedications and bridge openings to funerals. The attention whore will be front and center making sure you don’t overlook them. Online they will post and tweet about everything they can turning it into something all about them. They tend to chose not the right side of an argument but the most sensational.

One is trying to make a living in a dangerous, go nowhere job, the other is a rather insecure, self absorbed creature who annoys.

Now do you understand?

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