The Utter Boredom of Lauren Howard

” I want to regain some normality, that’s all. So bored of everything now. Never expected/wanted this. Hope you understand”– Lauren Howard after a long, hard day of lying.

Poor Lauren, it seems that things are getting out of control. ” I don’t want to spend any more of my time on this. I just want to get back to some normality and be smiling again.” So do a lot of other people, Lauren, but you aren’t thinking about them, are you? ” Wishing everyone nothing but the best. Truly. What can I say, I’m young and stupid :)” Let’s just leave out the young and go with the stupid.

I’m sorry but you’re not going to get everyone to just drop it and move on. You made some serious allegations. You talked about rape, sodomy, and death threats and how you were scared and now you’re just BORED? Wow. Just wow. “I didn’t ask for this attention and I don’t want anymore negativity upsetting me.” But it’s okay to lie and exaggerate and focus negative attention on other people. As long as you’re not upset by it.

“I can accept that I’ve made some mistakes during this situation (ever commenting on Goodreads for example and not asking friends to delete their own abusive comments – which, by the way, I didn’t know about until I read an article just now) and I accept these mistakes. I apologize for them. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry. ” Honey, if you’re going to lie, learn to do it so it’s harder to disprove. You knew about both the blender comment and the go hang yourself comment this morning. On GoodReads. In the comments of a rating of your book.

And I posted both your disclaimer of responsibility for your friend’s post and the post where you claimed to be “horrified” by one of your defenders telling someone to hang herself. Lauren, how can you possibly think I, or any one else, will accept your “apology” when you are still lying?

” I have done absolutely NOTHING wrong. And I am tired of all of this already.” Then, Lauren. let’s see some proof of all those threats, you know, then ones you’re bored of now. You lied, you lied, you lied. And you are still lying.

You want to get past this? Stop lying. Own up to your mistakes. Apologize publicly and specifically. You publicly harmed a great many people and GoodReads.  You can’t send a smiley face and claim youth and stupidity and go blithely on thinking only about yourself. You want to talk to me privately? Sure. Right after that public apology.

I know you will understand. Right now I have to think of myself and my health.

One response to “The Utter Boredom of Lauren Howard

  1. “I can accept that I’ve made some mistakes during this situation (ever commenting on Goodreads for example and not asking friends to delete their own abusive comments – which, by the way, I didn’t know about until I read an article just now)”

    Whaaat? When did she say this? She commented in the thread not long after Victoria made her blender comment. People pointed out both comments to her as soon as they were made. She acknowledged Victoria as a friend, and claimed she didn’t know the person who made the “go hang yourself” comment. She’s been acknowledging that those comments existed for days now. How did she suddenly not know about it until she “read it in an article”?

    In the same way, she told me she didn’t have screenshots of the shelf names she interpreted as threats. I believed her. Then someone else pointed me to a Twitter conversation where Ms. Blender herself asked for screenshots, and Lauren sent them. Ms. Blender reacted as though she were reading the shelf names, and when someone else asked what was in the screenshots, Lauren described one of the shelves. Now she claims the screenshots contained only comments, no shelf names… except there weren’t any comments remotely like the shelf names. And she has explicitly said there were no comments of that nature made to her, only shelf names.

    When I called her on it, she got angry about people looking at her “old tweets” (it was three days ago! Right in the thick of the kerfuffle! So outdated and irrelevant, omg!) and deleted the tweets that gave the conversation context.

    I had sympathy for her. Now it’s gone. I don’t think she lies; I think that to her, the truth is whatever she needs it to be at that moment. Whenever she’s called on her contradictions or asked to make a firm statement, she acts like a deer in the headlights, because that kind of solidity is alien to how she experiences the world. And without that solidity, she’s going to end up in arguments like this again, and again, and again.

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