What Passive Guy Won’t Post

I was naïve enough to think that passive Guy would welcome comments from the other side of the whole Lauren Is Getting All The Attention She Wants Fracas but my comments are “awaiting moderation” while other comments sympathizing with poor, sweet Lauren are posted.  What did I post that needs this much moderation?

“You are a grown man spouting off? Really? Grow up! The book isn’t out and you are giving fake ratings? It’s really pathetic. If you have nothing better to do may I suggest you go put your hand in a blender!”- Victoria, friend of Lauren.

“I will not be a part of a site where it is acceptable to wish rape, sodomy, abuse and death on someone” Lauren from her blog.

But she will be friends with someone who does.

Wondering how much attention she needs before she decides to go ahead and publish?  I have to admire her rather unusual marketing tactic. Certainly not as unsavory as insulting the disabled, but maybe just a tad too-overwrought.

2 responses to “What Passive Guy Won’t Post

  1. Did your comment include a link? If so, it goes to moderation. It’s a common anti-spammer policy. My own first comment landed in moderation for a little while because of the links, but it was published, and it certainly wasn’t pro-Lauren.

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