Jill Haldeman’s PSA (and a Lauren update)

In my blog, How Very Special, My Dear, I gave a mention to Jill Haldeman and her-unique- marketing technique. It seems that her PSA has disappeared! And she was so proud of it. Fortunately I have a copy so you all can marvel at her business acumen and some pretty, um, bad writing.

Public Service Announcement: Trolls Behaving Badly, by Jill Haldeman, Aug 20, 2013
[Trolls Behaving Badly Here today at TBB – we feature a great an utter honor… to present – OUR FIRST PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!   Ok so TBB doesn’t exist, and this really isn’t a PSA.  Trolls Behaving Badly, really.. behaving badly. Seriously you’re resorting AGAIN you people, to using images off the internet to prove your point.  First it’s the authors who are shit, next it’s ME IN THE SPOTLIGHT OMG OMG OMG I DESERVE AN AWARD! I think what people don’t realize in this is that there are COMPLETE MORONS who don’t get what’s going on in the world.  I’m an idiot, and i’m an retard – but you don’t have to assume i’m bashing every other disabled person in the world.. COME ON PEOPLE. Ok, sure if i said it i said it, but you know what i really meant was “Holy shit these trolls are stupid, battling them with bats is the best option.” – but that’s Troll abuse ins’t it?  BBA seems to be the Encyclopaedia Dramatica of the Authors Realm. you step into the pot, they sink their teeth in. Except the sad part is, i wanted to be on EA.  Really i did – that’s like the ultimate wapanese socailite’s dream! What else can a girl want in life other than to be plastered on a site wearing all my nerd gear and proudly be ripped from limb to limb?  – Except i’m
Beware of trolls actually being sarcastic. Oh for fucks sakes lol, look at what we have here – GRAPHIC PROOF that i’m an idiot. Come on you think i need proof?  I’m writing in a genre that’s FAR dead to the world.  Vampires, Wizards and Erotica are popular – and i’m writing about Aliens who knock people up and of course Guys who were made out of girls.  Ok so that’s not REALLY THE SYNOPSIS of my whole series, just the inside jokes me and my friends do.
But this is a PSA for TBB of the BBA isn’t it? So i can act like a total moron and hope you all catch me as I fall from grace? …. REALLY? I CAN? *BATS EYELIDS* What KIND of simple minded person do you all take me for? LOL.  They did their homework, they found funny pictures – and the funny thing is, that’s a photo of me in MAY.  May, people – it’s August.  I change my profile photo like every two weeks just to piss people off. Mainly jokingly my mom, because i’ll do stupid faces and hope she wonders what’s wrong with me.  BBA claims i’m an asshat, a fucktard if you will… but what kind of psycho asshat tries to come back as a troll right back at them? I’m not going to pray into their hands and go “IMMA SUE YOU” because frankly, in a court of law – they’d laugh at the both of us. You can keep your blog honey, i’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with the next stupid thing you catch me on.  BBA is basically the NATIONAL ENQUIRER for people who have nothing better than to prey on Q list celebrities (Aka jokingly calling indie authors celebs in the first place LOL).  It’s like Arama They Didn’t on LJ, if you troll into their hands they do it right back. Now can i have my post on ED?  REALLY? REALLY?  You can check the post out here: http://bbawhisperer.blogspot.co.nz/20…  In it’s FULL GLORY. I have to thank Kathryn Middleton, Graduate of Roseville HS 1988, for finding this for me and apologize because she too is being attacked for no reason in this.  Poor lady, ugh – i hate when innocent people get thrown in to the den of trolls.  I’m at least screwed up enough to have said something stupid enough to be taken out of context. I’ve been on the internet. Trolls, you feed em’ – or don’t .  I’m sure i’m feeding BBA or Badly Behaving Authors FAR more than i should – but i’m glad to take the limelight away from them for once. So stop the Trolls Behaving Badly TODAY!  

There now, wasn’t that fun? You all are going to rush right out and not buy her books, right? Good.

Now let’s have a Lauren Howard/Lauren Pippa update, she’s back on GoodReads (that horrible place!) asking for help with her book. Here’s the best part:

I’ve been told that the book can’t be deleted so I just want to change the cover so that my name can alter. Privacy reasons etc. I was going to use a pen name anyway, wish I had have done now! Someone could clear all the ratings (also asked customer service for this but again – they declined) and I wouldn’t mind.

Also, I don’t think you’re evil! I just lost my temper a few days ago, I blame it on PMS in all honesty haha. Honestly, I’m just as pissed off as you guys that people took things and blew them WAY, WAAAAY out of proportion. (i.e. that stupid Salon article that is journalism at it’s damn finest, twisted words and altered “quotes”). I perceived shelves as threats, others didn’t. I was then upset because librarians wouldn’t help me out. It’s all such a fucking mess that I’m trying to straighten out now.

I am sorry for all the mess it’s called. For everyone involved. I’m by no means a malicious person, I’m sorry for things I’ve done wrong and I am BEYOND sorry for the disgusting words of some of my “supporters.” I never expected this to reach out so far. I really hope you don’t hold it all against me because I honestly wish no one anything but blessings and positivity.

BACK TO THE POINT, GR have already told me I can change my profile name so hopefully that isn’t reverted back.

My book doesn’t have an ISBN or anything so hopefully someone can help me out with changing my cover! :)”    

Bless her heart! It was just PMS, you all know how crazy it makes us, we just can’t be held accountable for what happens when we have it. First she trivializes rape and now this. She keeps on like this and she’ll be every right wing, ultra conservative, old white guy Republican’s pinup girl. Then there is this. Isn’t it uplifting?