Review-The Great Goodreads Censorship Debacle

Written by new author, G.R. McGoodreader,  G.R. has said that the book practically wrote itself, large parts of it flow swiftly, smoothly along. Only when G.R. describes the backstory does the narrative break and fragment.

That is understandable. The pain that he suffered when the relationship was broken makes it impossible for him to relive the “good old days” without suffering.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

The basic story of G.R.’s book is simple and painful, it is the story of a great love affair and an even greater betrayal. A reader/reviewer, G.R., meets a reader-centered website, Goodreads, and there is an instant attraction.

They meet, they date, they explore each other’s needs and desires. Like any good relationship, there are little bumps in the road but this couple was committed to working them out and having a relationship that was the envy of other similar sites.

Over time as their relationship grew and flourished G.R. made friends with other people in a serious relationship with GRs. He found others who shared his interests in this site and good books. He found reviewers to appreciate. He also found people who shared hid liking of dark beer, baseball, bass fishing, chocolate, bacon, and fuzzy pink bunny slippers.

G.R. and GRs seemed to be the perfect couple. Their passion for each other knew no boundaries. It was complete and satisfying, something so strong that no one would ever have believed what happened next.
What happened next is just too painful to write about. What happens when your lover betrays you, while you are still in bed together? What does it feel like when the bedroom door bursts open and the new lover strolls in and hops into bed with your beloved GRs, shoving you out and onto the floor?

Yes, dear readers, THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

G.R.’s pain, humiliation, and disbelief leap off the page. Have a case of strong liquor and a pallet of Kleenex handy-you’ll need them.

Then, in a move perhaps worse even than the betrayal, GRs makes overtures to G.R. claiming he just misunderstood everything, that nothing had changed, GRs was like this all along.

But, sadly only for GRs, the blinkers are off. G.R. and all those other friends and GRs users are finally seeing the true GRs and they are leaving. Their great love and trust has been broken, whether they can ever truly love again only time, therapy and another book site can tell.

This isn’t a classic in the usual sense but I predict that this story will be around for many, many years. Maybe someday in a few years when all the dust settles, there might be a movie?

The writing is stark, pared down, but elegant and almost poetic in places. Tightly edited with not even one misplaced comma, there are a couple of typos but minor and they do not disrupt the flow of the sentence.