Review- Off Topic: The Corrupted Text

Off Topic:  The Corrupted Text- G R Goodreader, Jr. 

I wouldn’t use it for catbox filler. Yes, I did not buy this scamplet, I just read the first 8 pages that lulu allows. It. Was. Enough. One should not have to endure all 36 pages.

Trying to parody, in part, what reviewers complain about it-formatting, grammar, spelling, etc- TCT fails.
It comes closest to the utter boredom of Melissa Douthit’s writing but lacks the incoherent cray-cray of, say, Sharon Desruisseaux or Rick Carufel. RC, convicted of selling drugs, writes a particularly vitriolic form of incoherent cray-cray. It lacks the “sell out” porn that Kendall Grey has been “forced” to write or the obsession of creepy older men for underage girls that desperate for attention, any attention, Carroll Bryant (yes, CB, here’s some attention but please don’t pee on my foot in excitement) can’t seem to stop writing.

Since it was actually published it certainly bears no resemblance to Lauren Howard/Pippa’s unpublished work of PMS. The author lacks the arrogance and pomposity of The Author William Terry Rutherford.

Whether the author will exhibit the hysteric, screaming outrage of Rebecca Hamilton and her fangurrl, Douthit, something’s-small-but-it-isn’t-my-publisher, M R Mathias, Jamie McGuire and her remora, Jessica Park, or have a supportive, attacking “husband” like Emily Giffen or a “supportive”, attacking agent like Kiera Cass, we’ll have to wait (breathlessly) for his/her/their reaction to this review.

The one thing it does have in common with all these authors and others mentioned in the original book is that it lacks something. This scamplet lacks skill and wit so it will lack good reviews and sales. The authors mentioned lack more important things that can’t or won’t ever be addressed.

Off-Topic: The Corrupted Text

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