Eve Thomas, Abuser

Everything I say is substantiated, if it comes from my mouth then they will be my words or I will have fully documented proof, I won’t say it if it isn’t true!  I pride myself on my honestly and integrity that I lost for a while because of violence and abuse but it is back with a passion now and so I invite any queries by email as social media is not the place for this and I can be reached on the usual email address evethomas@evethomas.co.uk.  I will say no more on this matter and get back to 2013.”– Eve Thomas

“Maftc acct is cosy with 38caliber Mahala another @goodreads bully until goodreads got sense and kicked them all off pic.twitter.com/RG8mLVRpiq”  from  one of Eve Thomas’ many Twitter accounts.

Either a blatant lie or wish fulfillment because I was just over there with most of the other “bullies” Eve claimed were kicked off.
Eve is just vewy, vewy angry because Twitter suspended her main account for the second time in two days. Poor widdle Eve. You know, any sane, rational, intelligent person might think that if they got suspended twice in 36 hrs that they might be doing something wrong. But Eve is none of those things.
Which wouldn’t be a problem if she didn’t put herself out there as an advocate for DV survivors. She is a danger to them as evidenced by the mess she made this spring with a survivor and the resultant furor that caused contributors to withdraw from her book. The same book that is now nowhere to be found.
Eve is posting on one of her other accounts names and pictures of comments to and about her that “prove” that we are stalking and harassing her. Stalking and harassing = disagreeing and warning others about her. Hell, I wished her HNY yesterday and that is harassment.
Now we are all to blame-again- for Eve’s suspension, not Eve. We all make choices, Eve chose to behave in a way that got her suspended from Twitter yet again. And no amount of trying to blame, harass, or intimidate others, or posting lies will make her behavior look good.
So since it came from her mouth, I would love to see her prove I’ve been banned from Goodreads, except that she can’t prove it because I’m not and I just added a little update to my review of Fifty Shades of Abuse. You can all go see it, proof of the lie.  “I pride myself on my honestly and integrity…”   Well, honesty didn’t last for more than 2 or 3 days so now let’s address her integrity…

Screenshot (285)

That’s right, readers (all 3 of you), Eve is in touch with STGRB, a site dedicated to trying to insult, harass, intimidate reviewers and authors that don’t agree with them. I say try because you have to be smarter than those you try this on and they aren’t. But if you are looking for spite, envy, and stupidity, they have it in abundance.

So a woman who calls herself a defender of DV survivors has gone running back to a group that she has had prior contact with. No, this is not a defender of anyone but herself.

Screenshot (287)

According to Eve she tried but now she’s not responsible, not responsible for choosing to post pics and trying to push the blame for the consequences of her bad behavior onto the rest of us, doesn’t that sound just like the guy who “had” to beat his wife because she cooked chicken instead of meat loaf?