The Great Rewrite-or Not

“History is written by the victors.”  Winston Churchill

“… our mission here at STGRB is accomplished.  The fact is that the bullies have lost their “holy” war. So, we won’t be blogging about them that much anymore.”  ” In other words, they have lost their power and they won’t be getting it back.”  STGRB

“When I was attacked that fateful day in July of 2012, my mind was caught in whirlwind. Confusion was an understatement. It was a low point of my life. I couldn’t understand how so many people could have so much hate in their hearts, and stupidity.”  “A relationship with a girl who suffers from a lack of mental stability took her hurtful feelings towards me, and had thrust them upon so many of her friends, worked them into a psychopathic frenzy to the point where I was viciously attacked online on a website known as Goodreads dot com.”  Carroll Bryant

“Everything I thought I knew, turns out I don’t know Jack shit.”   Carroll Bryant.  Bad sentence but, for once, he got something right.

“I had to laugh at the way they try to pass their manifesto of madness off as a legitamate book with all the bells and whistles such as footnotes and an index.  But in reality it is the same out shit trying to justify their sociopathic belief that it is their right to attack and destroy writers.”  Rick(ydick) Carufel

“Everything I say is substantiated, if it comes from my mouth then they will be my words or I will have fully documented proof, I won’t say it if it isn’t true!  I pride myself on my honestly and integrity …”  Eve Thomas

“Nothing has changed when it comes to reviews. Your reviews are yours and we value the frank and honest opinions of all our members. That’s what makes Goodreads different and special.”  Otis Chandler

Maybe it’s just that writing history should not be attempted by such poor losers, poor writers, and outstanding liars.