For Anne Rice Any Attention Is Better Than None

Despite repeated posts telling this author what this site and the people who post there are really like this author is so desperate for attention that she posts a link to them not once but twice today.

Screenshot (785) Screenshot (786)

Maybe someday when she becomes a well known author she will be a tad more discriminating in her choice of associates, or not.


10 responses to “For Anne Rice Any Attention Is Better Than None

      • Well, I just wasn’t really sure what was bad about the site Rice was linking to, and my Googling is just digging up a gnat-cloud tangle of AbsoluteWrite shit-talking, irrelevant wharrgarbl, and an article about rape threats on GoodReads. There’s a trailhead here but I can’t find it because I don’t know what precisely I’m looking for.

        If this is something you’d rather not get into, I understand–and I’d probably be better off being ignorant of it.

    • No, they fight dissent and critical reviews with bullying. My not liking your book and saying so (not you specifically cause I haven’t read it yet) is not bullying. Nor is my saying I’m not reading a certain book because the author is a nasty, prejudiced, misogynistic ass bullying.

  1. No, you are better knowing about STGRB. Bluntly, they are a hate site. It was started about 2 yrs ago by an author who got her whiny ass handed to her on an Amazon forum.

    Melissa Douthit, whiny and boring author of not very good fantasy, came into a discussion in the romance forum and proceeded to tell us that we were wrong about Jamie McGuire, author of Beautiful Disaster. Disaster is right, a terrible book that romanticizes an abusive relationship. She whined and berated and insisted until all patience ran out and she was soundly spanked by several posters.

    Not able to let go of her obsession she sulked off and created that site for all those authors who feel the need to tell reviewers/readers that they aren’t smart enough to understand their book, have read it wrong, shouldn’t let bad grammar, worse spelling, and non-existent punctuation influence who the review the book. They also believe that almost any review below 3 stars is abusive, bullying, or bashing.

    She quickly gained a following from like minded “authors”. They have, though they now deny it and have removed the posts, doxxed reviewers they don’t like in the hopes of silencing them. They twist information to suit their needs, insult, harass.

    Now whenever an author goes BBA they always end up atthat site looking for support for whatever bad behavior they think they have just got caught doing.

    Of late it seems Douthit has alienated a lot of her allies but since they published their blog of approval for on of the biggest online bullies out there, Anne Rice, Rice has given them some sort of validation. But Rice does this without accepting that her new found online friends are not held in any esteem by most of the book blogging/reviewing/reading public.

    People have tried to warn her but Rice likes the adulation and loves those that agree with her.

    That’s a short version. You could look up STGRB, Melissa Douthit, Rick Carufel, and if you haven’t read it, Rice’s meltdown over reviews of Blood Canticles.

    There is plenty out there. I blogged about BBAs Eve Thomas, Joe Gazzam, Lauren (Pippa) Howard, Shey Stahl. On BookLikes we are still talking about the latest two, Riley Hill and Katie Lynn Johnson. They weren’t the worst of the bunch, some are vicious, but they do feel that writing a book makes them entitled to act like spoiled brats.

    Does that help?

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