Not Really a Review of Not a Book At All

YESHUA, MY PRINCE CHARMING - Audrey Brown                                        Yeshua, My Prince Charming: Audrey's story - Ms. A B

This is Audrey’s life story and while I do not wish to seem dismissive of her life I just wish people would stop sharing their lives. Reading only the excerpt her childhood was miserable which might be part of the reason that her writing is so bad.

Grammar, punctuation, spelling, I have read worse but that is not a ringing endorsement. I found this not-a-book because Audrey spammed it in the  KDP. That’s right, looks like Audrey’s ability to read is on par with her ability to write.

Did you notice the price? Now did you notice the number of pages?  75 for the ebook and 86 for the print.  Did you notice the price? Yes, I repeated it, it bears repeating.  And 75 or 86 pages does not a book make.

Am I the only one to notice her name has a typo? (print copy only)

Then there is the LARGE, BOLD, COMPLETELY CAPITALIZED dedication and author’s note in both with the addition of bad formatting in the ebook.

Screenshot (1098)

Screenshot (1099)

Audrey, and others like her, might have a story to tell but they lack the necessary skills to tell it. Unfortunately it does not stop them from trying to make money from it and I really, really dislike someone trying to take the money I make from a job well done for a job not done at all.

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Not Really a Review of Something not Ready to be a Book

Screenshot (1101)First you have the title, In the lives of :-: Claire and Adam (In the lives of:-),  that suffers from a little too much unnecessary punctuation.









Then you have this:

Screenshot (1088)

Which suffers from random capitalization, incorrect word usage, lack of the common comma, and no period at the end. Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking but you can’t stop now and why can’t you stop now? I have a cold and you must suffer.

Now read this:

Screenshot (1089)

Most of that is one long, rambling, run on, ill-conceived sentence. It is only my great love for you all that is sparing you the opening scene of this, um, story, wherein the heroine, Claire, takes a bath and the reader desperately wants to take a shower using very hot water, Casteel soap, a scrub brush, and five gallons of brain bleach.

He refers to Claire’s vagina as her “love door”.

I feel like my intelligence has been molested.