I Want A Little List of Authors I Won’t Miss

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“Anonymity is the root of so many of the problems that come with the Internet. It allows people to say things to each other they would never say to their face. Cowards can become fearless warriors when sitting in front of a keyboard because there are no consequences to what they write. 

As for those who are concerned about their safety and privacy, that concern should moderate what we say to each other and how we say it. It shouldn’t be used as an excuse to hide behind anonymous words.”- Part of a comment from an author in the KDP boards.

I still have my cold and I feel wretched and grumpy and my writing, not all that good anyway, reflects this.

I think perhaps removing the veil of anonymity from reviewers might not have the result authors are so fervently wishing for, I think it might have quite the opposite on the reviewers left reviewing.

They think that reviewers only write critical reviews because they don’t have to use their real names? No, no, I don’t think that is completely true. There are plenty of us writing critical reviews under our real names now and I think those of us who would be left standing after the “Great Unveiling” would be less inclined to be kind or considerate of author’s feelings.

I think those of us left reviewing, and if they think it’s hard to get reviews now how many do they think they would get if only real names were allowed, would look around and wonder why we gave a nickel-plated rat’s tushie about their work or their feelings or if we were “killing their careers”.

Those authors  might think that only their fans would be left standing but I’ve got news for them-not all of those fans would be willing to review under their real names. Just because some people only give positive reviews does not mean they would be happy putting their real name out there.

And there is also the reckless disregard of these authors for any concern beyond their own selfish desires. They  cannot or maybe  will not admit that there might be any reason for someone to want online anonymity beyond writing reviews. They seem to think if you need anonymity you brought it on yourself and if you are so concerned then just shut up and sign off.

There is no room for anyone’s concerns but their own. Charming.

One more thing, I think any author who supports that petition should stand up and say so. No hiding behind pseudonyms.

You want transparency, let’s have it. All the way. You have my name, now I want yours-no anonymous, no pseudonyms, no suck puppets-your name.

If you signed that petition then you need to stand up and say so, own your words, isn’t that what you want from reviewers? No cowering anonymously, anonymous doesn’t count anymore. You don’t get to have what you  spineless, self-absorbed, little weasels would deny to your reading public.