A Better Plan than Anne Rice Has

We’ve been going about this the wrong way. We don’t need a petition to save anonymity on Amazon. No, no. We need  a petition that allows Amazon to not post reviews that are not using the reviewer’s real name on the books of certain authors.

Simple, really. Amazon creates a little button that allows authors to choose to allow all reviews or only “real name” reviews. Make it retroactive, any previous review not acceptable under the new system will be deleted.

Reviewers wishing to post or repost will be given the choice of either having their real name, if they aren’t using it, now attached to every review and comment they have ever posted on Amazon or remaining anonymous and not reviewing certain authors.

Much easier, I think, and gives both author and reviewer a choice because both groups should be free to choose, not have the choice taken from them.

So, from a “blood-sucking parasite” to the woman who is famous for writing about blood-sucking parasites, isn’t this a much better solution?

What The Pirate Really Stole

[reblogged from my BookLikes page, Spare Ammo]

Just a little rant because time is short this morning.

What the (hopefully former) reviewer really stole was the kindness and friendship of a lot of blogger/reviewers. She stole it and used it and then threw it away. How many people exactly she used or tried to use we will probably never know, not with some bloggers blaming those that have come forward for coming forward. And there are some who will probably remain quiet because they, out of mistaken friendship, gave in to her repeated begging and gave her an eARC.

To those, like Bec and Alise, who posted blogs only presenting parts of the story and then shaking their fingers in the faces of all concerned, I wish you would turn off your computers and find something else to do with your time. Presenting only parts of the story, and those tailored to your needs, is wrong and you did a great disservice to the rest of the community you say you are a part of.

If you are going to tell a story you have to tell the whole story, you have to ask around and check your facts, you can’t ignore parts of it, and at some point you are going to have to name names. If you are going to talk about someone’s bad behavior then, for gods’ sake, make sure you talk about the right person.

In this instance, the bad behavior is the pirate’s and her friends and supporters who are still telling her that it is all right, she’s done her part and everyone else is being mean to her.


It’s not all right. She hasn’t stopped her behavior. Everyone else is just astonished, outraged, and hurt that she would treat so many people so badly and still keep on keeping on.

And they should be even more astonished, outraged, and hurt that other so-called members of the blogging community would jump on the bandwagon of a common unrepentant stupid criminal, because that is what she is, and cry about how badly she has been treated.

What the Hell is wrong with some of you? This woman lied, manipulated, and stole and isn’t the slightest bit sorry about it. Do you not think the rest of the blogging/reviewing community shouldn’t know precisely who and what she is? Before she can lie, manipulate and steal from them?

Those who engage in bad acts depend upon our silence, our reluctance to point a finger, to perhaps have to admit we were taken in. They rely on us to give them the benefit of the doubt. They rely on our kindness and our definition of friendship.

This little goniff is laughing at you, at the ones encouraging her, supporting her. She knows she can’t use people like Faye and Khanh anymore but she can definitely still use you. And she will, she will.

What did the pirate steal? The kindness and friendship that was extended to her, the good names of those that are supporting her, the brains of what seemed to be a few intelligent bloggers.

If you are interested, she dumped them all in the garbage bins behind GR, all she really wanted was the books.