A Better Plan than Anne Rice Has

We’ve been going about this the wrong way. We don’t need a petition to save anonymity on Amazon. No, no. We need  a petition that allows Amazon to not post reviews that are not using the reviewer’s real name on the books of certain authors.

Simple, really. Amazon creates a little button that allows authors to choose to allow all reviews or only “real name” reviews. Make it retroactive, any previous review not acceptable under the new system will be deleted.

Reviewers wishing to post or repost will be given the choice of either having their real name, if they aren’t using it, now attached to every review and comment they have ever posted on Amazon or remaining anonymous and not reviewing certain authors.

Much easier, I think, and gives both author and reviewer a choice because both groups should be free to choose, not have the choice taken from them.

So, from a “blood-sucking parasite” to the woman who is famous for writing about blood-sucking parasites, isn’t this a much better solution?

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