Review- Deadshifted

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While Alexander’s Edie Spence series is still going strong it will be going on without me. I have become one of those people who can now walk away from an ongoing series if it jumps the shark or loses steam or my interest shifts.

I’ve liked and still do like Edie but Deadshifted didn’t work for me.

I love the whole plague ship plot, love it when the MC or MCs get stuck on a plane, boat, train, or island with  something sentient or not trying to kill everything. The plague worked, everything else not so much.

First and foremost, while I like Asher I don’t like the whole Asher-Edie relationship. It just does not work for me. The chemistry isn’t really there. It’s a good friends with benefits dort of deal but to extend it to this happily-ever-after kind of thing that Alexander seems to have done is not going to keep me reading.

So Asher convinces Edie that what they really need is a slow boat to Hawaii and Edie reluctantly agrees. It is almost immediately assured that fun and sun aren’t going to be what they get when Asher recognizes another passenger as someone from his not entirely sunny past.

Edie doesn’t want to think about large parts of Asher’s less than acceptable past but, please girl, this shapeshifter has been around the block, actually round several blocks in the most unsavory part of town, more than often than the postman so wanting to ignore them is like trying to ignore dandelions blooming on the front lawn.

Happy times don’t last as the passengers begin to fall ill and Asher disappears. Edie realizes if she wants answers she will have to find them -and Asher- herself. With a few seemingly unaffected crewmembers and passengers, who also didn’t really work for me,  Edie sets out to find both.

Gah. I couldn’t work up any interest in anything but Edie and the plague. Even the Shadows were annoying.

Without giving anything away, a large part of this book’s plot just seems to be the setup  for the next book’s plot. This didn’t work for me, something was off but beyond saying it felt flat and sort of contrived to build up to Bloodshifted I just can’t be more specific.

And I won’t be continuing with this series.