Hazel Cartwright

Hello, faithful readers, I have a lovely little blog for you. I would like to tell you all about a new SPA, Hazel Mahogany Cartwright. That’s right, the “author” of  some rather incomplete works on Amazon.

Let’s start with this from Amazon:

Screenshot (1901)


And this from her author’s page on FB:

Screenshot (1900)

We all know that this isn’t Hazel:

Screenshot (1810)


Hazel and Mahogany by bristlestream

This is Hazel and Mahogany.

Before we go further, I have exchanged some emails with Hazel and while I disapprove of her writing and her obvious attempts at being someone she is not, I do not feel she did it with any malice. But she has caused a few waves and I know we are all looking. Hazel has a FB page and would probably be very happy to explain, in her own words, why she did what she did. Ask nicely.

While Hazel insists that Hazel Mahogany Cartwright is her name, no. This is:

Screenshot (1903)


Screenshot (1898)


I think that Hazel, as she wants to be called, has no idea that some of her actions have been detrimental to how she is perceived in the community and I have failed to explain clearly why posting that you were drunk when writing anything is not a good way to introduce yourself.

Hazel is looking forward to making new friends and finding new books to read and I think we should be the friendly bloggers/readers/reviewers that we can be and give her benefit of the doubt and some book recommendations.