Yesterday the cupcake suffered a severe blow when Crumbs closed it’s doors. Not everyone was sympathetic to the mini cake, some even going to far as to describe cupcake lovers as narcissistic and other less than flattering descriptions. After reading both of the linked articles I found this one.  Perhaps he’s not much of a conversationalist and he did drop in without calling first but he recognizes a superior baked good when he sees it.

Cupcakes, looks like they’ve found a bear market- in more ways than one.

A Sunday Breakfast cupcake from the Cupcake Station.



How to Speak Blurb: a translation guide

KJ Charles

You pick up a bunch of books at random. The blurbs claim that they are ‘A hilariously trenchant romp’, ‘Breathtakingly original, written in rhapsodic prose’, and ‘Lyrical, charming and heartbreaking’. Do you wonder if you have stumbled across a cache of literature representing the pinnacle of human artistic endeavour, or do you think, ‘These all look pretty average’?

Some books are indeed breathtakingly original, brilliantly written, wonderfully charming, or even life-changing. Let’s face it, most aren’t. But publishers still have to put some sort of something on the back to make people spend money. ‘Pretty good, will pass the time pleasantly’, while honest and perfectly respectable, isn’t going to get past Marketing. And thus we end up with ever-increasing blurb inflation, where the starting point for a mildly amusing book is ‘hilarious’ and trying to convey that it’s actually, really funny requires a specialist thesaurus.

So, here’s a (not entirely…

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