BBA Pt 6: Maggie Spence Has Lost Her Goddamn Mind

Illuminite Caliginosus

When the hell does it ever end?  Why the hell does it start in the first place?

Author Maggie Spence, and in her own words has been shunned by Book Bub seven times,  served up a double dose of lunacy over on the Kindle Direct Publishing forums (hereafter known as KDP) where she “innocently” started a topic called Brilliant Marketing Strategy that We Can All Use – a thinly veiled spamming scheme of a voting circle to game the system by placing the participants on Listopia pages they didn’t even belong on (please don’t try it; even the other authors realized what a bad idea it is and some apologized for their behavior).

Once that one crashed and burned Maggie took to Facebook to spin the entire affair and plead for “fair reviews” to counter all the unwarranted negativity she’d been subjected to.

ScreenHunter_32 Jul. 15 12.10

She then returned to KDP…

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