Review- Beauty Dates the Beast

Screenshot (2710)I thought this book would be a fun, funny PNR. It wasn’t. I stopped just past halfway and I’m not going back.

It started out okay and quickly descended into a hot mess. Meet our heroine, Bathsheba or Bath for short. And right there it all started to go downhill. Bath? Really? I expected the hero to be named Calgon because he definitely took her away.

Bath has a sister who is a werewolf and hiding in plain sight. Too plain of sight for my brain to accept. They both work in the office of a paranormal dating service.

The characters were rather dumb, Bath makes the wrong choice probably 98% of the time. The hero, not Calgon but Beau, is an alpha werecougar. Beau calls the dating service in need of an accommodating shifter for a night or two of hot sex when a female in his pack goes into heat.

But when he hears Bath’s voice he decides she’ll do just fine. Ah, romance. Um, did I mention that dating between humans and shifters is sort of forbidden? Unless you’re a virgin like Bath then you’re the one human all the shifters want. Sigh.

The plot, I guess there’s a plot- sort of, is weak and, well, I’m not sure just what it is. I have a feeling that the big scary things that growl in the night are just an excuse by the author to have Beau swoop in, drug Bath, and whisk her away to his private house in the wilds for sex, sex, sex. But I never got to the sex, sex, sex because I lost interest.

Bath was just too dumb and Beau needed a silver bullet between the eyes.


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