Kilty As Charged

Screenshot (2735)I’ve never read any of Diana Gabaldon’s books, I could never connect with the characters or her style of writing. With the upcoming release of the televised version of Outlander, there is an increased interest in Gabaldon and her opinions. I guess if you’re a fan you just want to know every little detail and if you’re not then Diana seems to be good for making furore-worthy comments.

Fangirl posted these two short pieces on Gabaldon’s views, rather dim views, of romance books.

My first encounter with Gabaldon and her strange take on reality was back in 2010 when she had this to say about fanfic. I hope she was safely ensconced on her fainting couch with smelling salts in hand cause that must have been emotionally draining for the poor thing. No freaking wonder her books are so long, she just couldn’t say, “Guys, I don’t like it, please don’t use my characters”?

Now here is an article about the new televised version of Outlander, complete with the most jaw dropping remark I think she has made so far. See if you can find it.

No wonder Gabaldon disses romance, it doesn’t seem to be her thing.

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