Standing Against Plagiarism by Rachel Anne Nunes

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“My life was torn apart this weekend when it came to light that an anonymous author (Sam Taylor Mullens) on the Internet, who is known only by a logo and a fake name, had plagiarized my novel, A Bid for Love (formerly entitled Love to the Highest Bidder), which is the first of a trilogy.”


“It has been verified by four separate readers that Sam Taylor Mullens did, indeed, add steamy scenes to The Auction Deal, her revised version of my Christian novel, and claimed it as her own. Her subsequent emails to different people and contradicting statements online while trying to cover her tracks has shown a definite intent to do fraud. This path she has followed is far more outlandish than any novel I’ve ever read.”



One response to “Standing Against Plagiarism by Rachel Anne Nunes

  1. Reblogged this on Illuminite Caliginosus and commented:
    Some things will always amaze you, no matter how many times they happen. I’ve busted a few of these dipsticks myself and it’s always the same story- it wasn’t intentional… they had unwritten permission… they didn’t need permission because the book’s out of print… ad nauseum. And the people who expose it are scumbags for ruining their careers, taking the joy out of their lives and shoes from their autistic child’s feet. Go fuck yourselves already.

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