The paid shills are back. And readers have no defense.

Another post from Linda Hilton on the growing problem of paid reviews.

(Note:  As of 1:00 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, 23 June 2014, this blog post is incomplete..I will finish it later today or tonight, but I wanted to put this much information out before I put out the next bit of info, which will be in the next blog post.  Yes, it’s complex. . . . Not my fault.)

That’s the link to my second blog on this subject, and it contains a link to the first.

This is number three.  Three strikes and you’re out.

Despite evidence presented to Amazon that “Winchester168” is a paid fiverr reviewer who does not reveal that she has been compensated for her reviews, she continues to review on Amazon.



And although her “Winchester 168” account was deleted from Goodreads, she has returned and is continuing to review there as well:



“Suzie West” is indeed a new Goodreads account:



She is systematically plugging her old Amazon reviews into her “new” Goodreads account:




I have provided Goodreads with this information.  Whether they will do anything or not remains to be seen.  (They don’t work much on week-ends, which allows the shills and trolls free rein.)

But Goodreads has another problem on their hands:  The rampant invasion of what appear to be massive numbers of sock puppet accounts all posting 5-star ratings (very few if any reviews, however) to the books of one particular author.

The above linked Feedback thread discusses the situation but, because of Goodreads site restrictions, the author and books and reviewers cannot be named.  Here’s the Opening post:


And here’s the author in question:



Oh, wait, here’s the author in question:



Ah, but wait, here’s the author in question:



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