Aubrey Rose- I’ve been plagiarized!

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Well, somebody stole my book. A kind fan pointed out that Clarissa Black’s book City Girl, Mountain Bear was similar to my novella City Girl, Country Wolf. Too similarThis “author” has taken my storyline and rewritten my book scene for scene, changing just enough to be able to get through Amazon’s plagiarism filters. Not a single sentence is the same, but the story is exactly the same. Check it out…

First scene overview: A high-powered executive woman is in her highrise building, on the phone with someone who is sending her away for a corporate merger. I’ll go through and point out the similarities.
The first sentence illustrates exactly the kind of plagiarism Clarissa Black has committed – rewritten sentence-for-sentence. There’s no reason for a motorcycle to be riding by in the street outside her office – it’s just a detail that they copied because it was there in the original.
  • mine: “a motorcycle rode by her office window, its motor revving loudly.”
  • ripoff: “A motorcycle blared through the City Street.”
Then while still on the phone with corporate, she’s interrupted by her receptionist:
  • mine: “The receptionist poked his head inside her office.”
  • ripoff: “Antonio’s head popped in the office”
Which irritates her.
  • mine: “She gestured at Seth to leave”
  • ripoff: “I gestured for Antonio to enter”
But he has a bunch of papers for her to sign. There’s no reason for her to sign the bottom page, it’s just a detail they copied because it was there in the original.
  • mine: “Flipping through the sheaf of papers, she signed the bottom one and handed it back to Seth.”
  • ripoff: “I said signing the last page at the bottom of the stack.”
She’s late for her meeting with the board:
  • mine: “It was already two minutes past eleven and she was due to present the latest quarterly figures to the board of executives… Seth opened the door again and pointed at his watch. It was time to do the presentation. It was past time.”
  • ripoff: “Antonio waved at his watch. Damn two minutes past the morning meeting with the board of directors.”
The corporate person on the phone decides to send her away to do the merger:
  • mine: ““What do you mean, they want me to do it?””
  • ripoff: “What do you mean, you want me to go”
So she tells her assistant to cancel her plans for the next day:
  • mine: “And cancel my therapy session in the afternoon”
  • ripoff: “I need you to cancel the morning meeting”
And then she leaves. End of scene. So it goes, for the rest of the book.
This is my book, scene for scene, rewritten in the first person and paraphrased so that it doesn’t look like plagiarism. Every single scene is like this. This is a substantial paraphrasing of my book, and as such is plagiarism. So whoever you are, Clarissa Black, screw you and your poorly written knockoff plagiarized books.
If you’re an author, check to see if she hasn’t knocked off one of yours. And if you see a plagiarized book, please REPORT IT to Amazon and to the author who’s being ripped off. I wouldn’t have known if it hadn’t been for a fan letting me know I was being plagiarized. I’m trying to get Amazon to take down the ripoff book right now, will update once I know if they’ll listen to me…