Dear Goodreads, who has to start bleeding?

Dear Goodreads,

So this week another author/stalker has come to light, this one publishing her misdeeds proudly for all the world to see. And predictably there were those that found her actions heroic and brave and that the blogger in question “had it coming to her” for blogging under an alias.

But I can’t talk about that when I review her book and I’m surprised you are leaving up all those comments on various reviews and ratings because you deleted mine and gave me a warning that I couldn’t discuss the actions of the author who called me at home. It will be interesting to see how long all those comments remain up after the weekend, unless because it was just mainly me commenting on getting a phone call from someone bent on intimidation it was easier to shut down and (try to) shut up because there wasn’t so many and the author wasn’t so stupid as to admit the real content and intent of her call/

I guess this one you might not be able to sweep under the rug, though I am sure you would like to.

Here’s my question, when are you going to wake up and realize this behavior isn’t going away? When are you going to realize that trying to silence those who are stalked isn’t going to work? And when will you realize that by your actions you are complicit with the authors/readers/bloggers/reviewers (it isn’t just one group that has the crazies) that stalk, harass, intimidate?

Being quiet isn’t working, telling us to only focus on the book isn’t working.  This only gives encouragement to those authors who are so entitled, so delusional, so far removed from the realm of reasonable behavior to actively go after reviewers.

Kathleen Hale has any number of supporters, including Anne Rice and now Margo Howard, she has the Guardian for a platform. She has a lot of people who believe that her actions were brave or heroic or justified. This just encourages her or the next out of control author to keep going, to do whatever they want to.

Somebody’s going to get physically hurt, then can we post a warning? Who has to start bleeding before we can talk about the actions of an author when reviewing a book?

Could you get back to me when you stop washing your hands?


Mahala- who is not quite as silent as you want her to be