Further Woah

Eat, Drink and Remarry: Confessions of a Serial Wife - Margo Howard

“One thing I wasn’t doing when I was young was looking for quality or character,” she says. “I hope people can learn from my mistakes.”– Margo Howard

Um, yeah, trouble is Howard herself seems to have learned as little as possible.

Trying to read Margo Howard’s book but I am having issues with it.  I think that I’ve pinpointed one of my problems- she sounds so detached. It’s like she is relating a story that has no connection to herself.

I’m trying to remember that what life and marriage and divorce was like in the early 60s but even then I can’t feel anything but impatience with a woman who stays with a man for 5 yrs and 3 kids when all she does is complain about how bad her marriage is- and then how good she has it money-wise. Home and child care, good clothes, a Rolls and a Mercedes, jewelry, great addresses. But she is trapped, trapped she tells us.

So she goes to a therapist, has the third baby, tries to have an affaire, decides to work for the Adlai Stevenson campaign. But what should she do about her bad marriage?

Howard has called a number of people, including a few reviewers of her book, dim bulbs but if she isn’t the poster child for this description then she is hanging in there for the money and there is a term for that, too.