A Month On from #HaleNo

Tez Says

NOTE: I use the royal “we” and “us” terms in this post, but I only speak for myself.

Yesterday I learned of the Ethical Author campaign from The Alliance of Independent Authors’ Self-Publishing Advice Blog. I was all for it at first – a voluntary Code of Standards that authors from all publishing types (traditional, self, and other) can pledge their participation. They can download the Ethical Author badge and post it on their various digital homes.

Yes, I was all for it at first, and my immediate reaction was…well, in the blog post’s own words as to why the Code is proposed:

“…to reassure readers, reviewers and bloggers, when they see the badge on a book or website, that they are in the presence of an ethical author…”

I connected to it on an EMOTIONAL level. But as I followed discussions on Twitter, I THOUGHT about the Code…and…

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