Guest Post: Matt Schiariti, author of Funeral with a View

Illuminite Caliginosus

(Colorized photo from a Post Office Wanted Poster)

Big thanks to John Green for participating in the Funeral with a View blog tour and letting me hijack his page for a spell. John, you’re both a scholar and a gentleman! Don’t let anybody ever tell you any different.

What will I be posting about today? I was told (and this is a direct quote) to talk about “Whatever I want.”  Yikes! At first I had no idea what the subject of the guest post would be. Panic attack, anyone? Then, as inspiration is wont to do, something came to me. And it came to me while I was reading a book. Go figure.

So there I am, in the middle of editing a good friend’s latest novel, when it hit me. “Self,” I said, “I’m going to gab about writing to one’s strengths. That’s the ticket!” You may be wondering…

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