Cassandra Clare, Jay Cute, and Rampant Stupidity (edited)

EDIT: I posted this then checked  the list and all but one book have been removed by Amazon. It is unfortunate but authors have to diligently check for plagiarism or hope that a reader will alert them because it seems Amazon has absolutely no system in place to catch even such blatant, obvious ripoffs.

Authors have to remember that Amazon is in business to make money not make sure you make money.

Original Post:

Good morning to all three of my devoted readers.

A plagiarist is once again trying to profit of the work of others. Jay Cute has a list of books on Amazon that he is trying to pass off as his but it only works if you change the name of the author. That’s right, he has left up the true author’s name everywhere and just slapped his name on the cover some where in the hopes that readers and the legitimate authors  will not notice.

That hope has died.

While he has appropriated the work of a lot of self published authors, Cute has also included a couple from larger houses and one best selling author by title alone. It seems in his haste to make money by theft, or maybe by design since she is a very popular author, Cute has slapped the title of City of Bones on to Show Me Yours.

Screenshot (4175)

That’s right, dear readers, City of Bones, is now plastered across the cover of this book:

Screenshot (4177)

As unamused as Kaje Harper probably is, I’m thinking that Cassandra Clare, whose books are marketed in the teen and YA genres, might be a tad more unamused to find her book title slapped onto a M/M erotica ebook.

Run, Jay Cute, run.