Review- Eat, Drink & Remarry

Screenshot (4186) Finished this a while ago and never got around to a review. 3 stars- not because of the writing (not as well written as Howard imagines) or because of a riveting memoir of love and passion (very little love for anyone but herself) but because I would encourage anyone who thinks they should accomplish or should have accomplished more in their life to read this book.

It will make you realize that all the money, all the advantages, all the important people that one woman has or had did not prevent her from a life of avoiding a good education, avoiding responsibility for her actions, avoiding a career, avoiding anything that basically didn’t “entertain” her as much as possible, and also that you have probably accomplished more in a year than Howard did in a lifetime.

What I took away from this book was that Howard, who shows herself to be an unhappy and unpleasant woman with an undeserved sense of entitlement, desperately wants to be known for what she thinks she has accomplished and not for being “Ann Landers” daughter”, but since she spent her life avoiding doing as much as possible she is doomed to disappointment.

It is a “feel good” book if ever there was one because waking up every day not being Margo Howard makes me feel good, bet after reading this you’ll feel good, too.