The Pigeon Returns

Screenshot (4483)Sigh. Well, dear readers, the pigeon is back for another outing.

Author Raani York grew a brain decided to act like a professional finally listened to advice probably got tired of being pointed out and laughed at. Her blog full of bad writing and even worse “advice” to reviewers has disappeared. So has the now infamous green background.

So much for whatever.

Now York has posted another blog full of repentance awareness of how she offended readers/reviewers mememe.

“The past few days I was going through hell and back caused by a published blog post that should never have shown up in the first place.” Okay, this is written by the very same woman that said,  “Before criticizing my grammar and typos, please make sure your review is impeccable, otherwise you might not be taken seriously.”

I’m not sure what York classifies as hell but I’m sure it’s probably more like heck because this special snowflake ended up in heck because she didn’t like a 1 star review. And decided to lecture us all on the “proper” way to review.

“Caused by insult and rage against my person I have tried to get it out of my system by being a little humorous and a bit sarcastic in a little rant. This resulted in a post that turned out to be dangerous ammunition – against myself.”

I have no idea what the review said because evidently wherever it was York caused enough of a fuss to get it removed. It sounded like the reviewer did not like York’s writing style for one thing and after reading the excerpt on Amazon, whoosh, I can see why.  As for “dangerous ammunition”, well, this is the woman who thinks she spent a week in hell. I think she might have gotten a little of the entitlement knocked out of her and she thinks she didn’t deserve it.

Here I’m going to say, yet again, I would hope that no one is sending actual threats to her. “Behind the scenes it got even worse than “on stage” so to speak.” Please no threats because then I would have to support her and that would make me – grumpy.  “I had a choice between fear and good advice and I picked wrong.” I’m not sure what the hell she’s trying to say, she picked fear? Because to me good advice would mean not posting a badly written, condescending lecture. But fear? To me fear would be shutting up and not posting anything at all, so here once again York displays her less than stellar writing style. ” I should have known better.” Yes, you should have. “I am grateful to those who have taken their time and efforts to give advice.  One day – if you will permit me – I might prove that I was not just plain stupid.” Uh, too late, cookie.

“I am not going to blame anyone else for this than myself. And I am not trying to find any excuses. While being scared and stubborn at the same time, I have done the worst I could do: I have endangered you, my friends.” Okay, let us have the drama llama stampede.

Screenshot (4625)

Now let us look at the first sentence- not going to blame anyone else, and now the last- I have endangered you, my friends, oh I think she’s trying very hard to suggest that there are others to blame. After all,  they have made her week  hell so I think we can safely assume she is thinking of the same they as a “danger” to her friends.

As for the danger? Is she perhaps referring to the fact that now a lot of people realize that York and several of her friends seem to review each other’s books very, very favorably? Could she be regretting bringing their little mutual admiration review group into the light?

“First of all I would like to thank those who have tried to stand by my side like the wonderful and amazing friends you are!”  Polite little thing, isn’t she? Unless you are a reviewer. ” I will never forgive myself in that I have permitted myself to be selfish enough to leave your names up there for so long.  I do stand here and deeply regret any damage, pain or insult this may have caused. ” You know what, princess, your friends made a choice, too. They chose to support you and while I think they should have shut up and let you take the hit, they stood up. You, you folded. Trust me, sooner or later your friends less than complimentary views of reviewers would have emerged, so you didn’t do anything that devastating. “And I swear if you ever talk to me again, I will try to make it up!” Cue the drama llama stampede again.

Screenshot (4625)

I think they will be happy if you just keep those 5 star reviews coming.

“Will I ever be disappointed or enraged again? Most likely. But will I ever do something like this again? Hell no” Why, oh why, do I feel that we haven’t heard the last of York? Maybe it’s her writing or maybe it’s a true lack of sincerity but I just don’t feel that York learned one damn thing. This whole post is all about her, a positive orgy of how she feels and what she’s done, and not one word addressed  to all those reviewers she offended.  I think she’ll be back to throw another hissy over another 1 star review because she just doesn’t think she’s that bad. She is.

“I was naïve – and scared and I still am.”  Cue pigeon.

Screenshot (4483)