How I Rate/Review Books for Kids and YA, yes, there is a pigeon involved

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I have this little problem, and no, it’s not my dining room. (The dining room is where I keep my Ebay stuff and it looks like a box factory and an estate sale collided and exploded in it) It’s about books, specifically books intended for children, teens, YA.


I don’t know how or when you all learned to read but I started very early. I always read above my grade level, I aced my spelling tests. In grades 1-6 we had spelling tests every week and I maybe misspelled three words in all that time. No joke. Why? Because I read

I read good books, good in the sense that the words were properly spelled, the sentences were grammatically correct, the stories had a plot. A simplistic plot maybe but still a plot. The authors cared that they were writing for an audience that would take something away from their writing.

Classes were definitely easier because I could read, and read well. English classes were easier because I had learned by reading. Until I had to diagram, we won’t go there and gerund is a dirty, six letter word to me.

I believe that if any author has a responsibility not to publish unreadable, misspelled, grammatically incorrect, plotless crap it is the author that writes a book for the above mentioned groups.

So when I stumble over a Raani York (her book is listed in teens, YA), a Christin Lovell (make those words up as you go along), or a Pami L Wahl (who can spell her own name but not anything else) then, yes, I am going to leave a freaking 1 star on their crap.

I don’t care if they are a sweet old lady, an upstanding church lady, a Vox Day, or just an over entitled whiner, they are going to get a I star and a pithy little description of their inadequacies.

Kids, teens, they all learn from what they read.

You want to write for minors- you got responsibilities. You want to write crap for minors- I hope I help make your next job asking someone if they want fries with their burger.

Cue pigeon.




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