Maggie Spence, Libertyville, Illinois Author

Hello, devoted readers, all nine of you, I feel positively inspired this evening. Lately I’ve been accused of “bullying” authors. Can you imagine? So I thought that I present to you one special author in her own words. Dear readers, may I present Maggie Spence, author of a not very good book.

Screenshot (2217)

This is a very bad idea. She begins to gleefully collect a few new authors who don’t know any better.

Screenshot (2216)

Screenshot (2220)

All of those authors Spence scooped into her scheme listened to the advice being given to them to stop and they withdrew from Spence’s plan. But let’s continue.

Screenshot (2223)

Looks like our little Maggie might be onto something- or not.

Screenshot (2214)

Other authors give her good advice.

Screenshot (2265)

Screenshot (2212)

Screenshot (7786)

For two whole hours Maggie decides that it is cheating and she won’t do that and then she reconsiders. I guess she believes that success can be achieved and achieved quickly through cheating.

Have you read her book? Success for it can only be achieved through cheating.

Screenshot (2265)

Don gives Maggie some sage advice but Maggie isn’t listening.

Screenshot (2264)

Remember Don’s advice to Maggie? Yeah. Well, now Maggie is “morally comfortable” going forward with her scheme even though experienced, published authors are telling her it is cheating and a big mistake.

Screenshot (2222)

Sally is correct, it has backfired but today Maggie is still insisting she did nothing wrong.


Screenshot (2268)

Screenshot (2269)

Screenshot (2267)

Screenshot (2221)

Jamal should have saved his breath, whatever advice he gave her, I imagine he pointed out she could expect to get a few 1 star ratings and/or reviews because who is going to recommend someone who is cheating, now Maggie is choosing very deliberately to interpret this as Jamal will give her a negative review. By the by, Maggie doesn’t hate to beat a dead horse as you will see as this series of posts will show.

Screenshot (2266)

So Maggie continues to choose to interpret good advice as threats to trash her book. These people have the patience of saints.

Screenshot (2270)

Screenshot (2273)

Screenshot (2274)

More good advice but all Maggie can see is “the face of crazy”, she was warned about cheating, wasn’t she? MR Brazear seems to be losing her patience a trifle, I can’t imagine why, this has only been going on for seven days.

Screenshot (2272)

Screenshot (2271)

Screenshot (7789)

Soon she will be known as “Trainwreck”.

Screenshot (2277)

Only bad writing gives indie authors a bad name? She should know; I repeat, have you read her book? And still she believes that her fellow the authors on KDP are slavering to watch her “fall into the flames of their literary justice”.

It escapes her that these authors are afraid of what the Maggie’s of the world have done and are doing to the reputation of indie authors. I could hope they know that we know the difference but the problem is not every ethically challenged author makes their special brand of insanity known before their book is reviewed.

Screenshot (2276)

It is pointed out that, yes, she has indeed violated GR’s TOS but Maggie doesn’t get it.

Screenshot (2275)

Trainwreck, you could have written the next War and Peace, which you didn’t so those “bad” reviews you earned, but readers hesitate to recommend someone they know has cheated and is actively acting like a spoiled brat and insulting both authors and readers.

Screenshot (2278)


Screenshot (2433)

We all know Maggie just kept chuggin’ down the tracks.

Screenshot (7788)











In the next few days I will be showing Maggie posting about her first review from a stranger, the phone call she made to me, her various threads on the KDP where she keeps belittling, insulting, complaining, and then claiming she is being civil, Maggie on the Amazon for a belittling, insulting, complaining, and then claiming she’s being civil; Maggie joining forces with an internet parasite and belittling, insulting, complaining, and then claiming she’s being civil, Maggie on GR before she was banned, Maggie on GR before she was banned a second time, and miscellaneous Maggie posts where she is belittling, insulting, complaining, and then claiming she was civil.

Won’t this be FUN?

6 responses to “Maggie Spence, Libertyville, Illinois Author

  1. See this is why so many people avoid Goodreads. It’s supposed to be a reliable, reader supported site. When the recs are not reliable, it’s going to backfire on those horrible books that these people recc’d other people to read.

    When will people like Maggie get it into their heads, that this site is not for them. It’s for the readers. It’s not called GoodWrites, for one very specific reason. What about that definition escapes them?

  2. I’m a random stranger that just googled Maggie Spence because I bought her book The Johnson Project and I’m on chapter 10 and love it. I think this drama is silly. You may not think she is a good writer, but that’s your opinion. Authors have it tough in this modern world and she was just trying to think of ideas to get a little visibility to her books. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I found her book listed / recommended by a childfree website. Can’t wait to read it all. Might I suggest you focus your time on positive things instead of hating on people who are just following their passion on the interwebs. Thanks bye.

    • So it is okay with you that she cheated the system. Good to know. The fact that other authors didn’t sink to these depths and managed to get noticed by other more honest means id totally unimportant. Right. She rejected all advice by other more experienced authors, insulted them, tried to intimidate me, followed me on the net for months wailing and flailing, got herself banned from GR TWICE. Violated Amazon’s TOS. And lied, and lied, and lied. And got caught and then kept lying.

      Oh yeah, honey, something here is “silly”. Might I suggest that you put down the substandard carp churned out by wannabe authors like Spence and, you know, find a modicum of honesty and ethics.

      BTW, the book I reviewed was her first book. You know, the one you haven’t read. Along with looking for honesty and ethics you might want to try for a class in reading comprehension.

      A lot of people have it tough in this modern world, a not too talented wannabe doesn’t get to cheat because she won’t make it any other way.

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