A. N. Roquelaure- Is this the best she can do?

Screenshot (8848)It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Anne Rice. I think she could use several editors for any piece over three sentences she writes. Yesterday a friend sent me this link to an excerpt from Rice’s, writing as A.N. Roquelaure,  soon to be released book, Beauty’s Kingdom.

Wow, just wow. That is all sorts of- not good. An excerpt should be something exciting, some part of the story to grip the reader by the throat and not let go until they have bought the book.  If this is the best Rice can do, I’ll go buy a Harlequin. After 38 previous books you would think the writing would be a little more polished, a little more sophisticated. It’s like expecting an engraved invitation and receiving something written in crayon on construction paper.

Then I noticed this:

Screenshot (8847)

Notice anything not quite right? Rice is too busy calling people names on Amazon and extolling the non-existent virtues of her pet hate site to notice that her name is spelled wrong on the left copy. Sort of makes you wonder what other little details she isn’t attending to, doesn’t it? Doesn’t she have an assistant who can check for this kind of stuff?

I have a rule that I never read the book(s) of someone who doesn’t notice or care that their name is spelled incorrectly. Doesn’t look like I’ll be missing much.






GoodReads Bans Kevin Weinberg/parogar

Hello dear Readers, all nine of you, I hope Thursday is treating you well. After a few strenuous days I am spending today doing very little. I thought about cleaning the kitchen but then this delightful little tidbit dropped into my hands and I just had to share. Now it’s Friday so TGIF.

I think we can file this under karma is a bitch.

You all remember the delightful Kevin Weinberg/parogar? Who could forget him? His girlfriend, I guess, but the rest of us keep tripping over him because he won’t leave us alone. It got much worse after Wattpad kicked him off and he lost a lot of underage fans and/or his sock followers.

He flounced off GR because of their continued “support” of a “known bully” and rejoined right after I was banned. Hmm. Do you think he could’ve meant I was the bully? He was the one who knew as soon as it happened, sort of like he was just waiting…

Did I mention karma is a bitch?

Screenshot (8801)

Screenshot (8805)

Ooh, ooh, look who got banned. And why? Because he’s a total idiot. That’s right, total idiot.

His account was “again brought to their attention”, “your facebook post remains”, “as we’ve previously mentioned”? Well, when you are dumb enough to do this:

Screenshot (8802)

Screenshot (8818)

then maybe you should expect what happens next.  I haven’t been a big fan of GR for quite some time, way before they banned me, but even I know that authors, and Whineberg is an author, have to be careful. GR does not grant them as much leeway as they do other members. So posting this publicly where anyone can see it was dumb and arrogant. But let’s check the comments:

Screenshot (8825)

Melissa has had those 100 one stars for quite awhile but I guess kev thinks he can “fix” it so she will, what, express her gratitude by letting him post whatever he pleases on her site? Like that would ever happen. And he doesn’t use the website? Well what does he call his little call-to-upvote? He’s using GR, just not like other people use it. And please notice that he was only “inciting” because GR “allowed” those bullies to post their honest opinions.

Screenshot (8826)

If you don’t care about GR then why did you go back? Logged in once a year? Right. If you didn’t use it then I will ask again, why did you go back? And they sent him “one of these” when he was on WP? And he didn’t get the message?

Screenshot (8832)

No, kevvie, it means that someone sent GR a link to your posts, both on WP and FB. I’m not the only one who doesn’t like your little “make me feel good and powerful” schemes. Shimaira, they probably sent kevvie a note when he asked you all to down vote Melissa back before he cried and begged and groveled until she took pity on him (another story, another time).

Sigh. Ignorance is so unattractive. Librarians are volunteers, members that are allowed to catalogue books and that’s about it. GR shat on them when they allowed Amazon to download a bunch of crap into the book database so I really don’t think they value their librarians all that much. A librarian could never have sent you that email, only a legitimate employee of GR can do that and even then I don’t imagine all employees could do that.

OMG, you aren’t trying to say that the person is a poster on Amazon? Of course you are. Dumbass. I would imagine that some employees of GR do post on Amazon but that is not why there is no name attached. There is no name so you can’t retaliate against that person. Idiot. No one sending one of those wants a looney-tune like you doxxing them or calling them or having your badly aging idol, Anne Rice, send her rabid fanpoodles after them and complaining about them over and over on her FB page.

Screenshot (8833)

“Protect their own?” Yeah, sure. Have you forgotten Linda, Scarlet, Grim, Angela, Angela (yes, two of them), and myself ? You certainly celebrated when we were banned, forgotten already? Or is it that you just never believed than continued flaunting of the rules would get you banned? Did you forget WP so soon? It’s only April and you’ve been banned from two sites already, are you going for some kind of a record?

That green site warns  people against GR because Melissa was banned, twice I believe, maybe.

But kev seems to have a problem with the consequences of his actions- he doesn’t think there should be any. Besides Douthit he has done this twice before in the nine months I’ve been aware of him.


So why did he launch his upvoting plea for Douthit? She is the owner of STGRB though she keeps denying it but I have a lovely ss of kevvie talking about her.

Screenshot (6418)

And it looks like maybe some of those 1 stars could be from kevvie’s downvoting campaign against her.

Lately kevvie has been writing and commenting on her site under the name of SEHN, you can tell because of his semi-hysterical and rather fictional accounts of whatever he’s claiming is true. I guess that he wants to curry  little favor from Douthit by upping the rating on her book(s). How did that work out? Let’s see:

Screenshot (8823)

Here’s the overall summary for The Raie’ Chaelia, all in all not bad for a boring book. So how many ratings appeared after his heartfelt plea?

Screenshot (8821)

Screenshot (8820)

Screenshot (8822)

I hope she appreciated the hundreds of – wait, really? Under 20 ratings? Kevvie, you got banned for this anemic effort? Awwwwww… I guess being banned from WP has cut off a good supply of compliant underage followers who will do just about anything for you.

And since he doesn’t have the love for GR he had/has for WP I guess GR staff can be thankful they will be spared this:

Screenshot (6539)

And this:

Screenshot (6541)

And before that when they had just temporarily suspended him he couldn’t abide by the rules and created another account to, how do I say this, lie to his followers. He was on Amazon but he never talked about WP, just about himself or why he’s right and everybody else is wrong or Anne Rice. But that wouldn’t be as dramatic.

Screenshot (4378)

Screenshot (6542)

WP has given aid to his enemies? Don’t worry, dear readers, kevvie had plenty of bad things to say about them and their staff but I’ll spare you. Here’s the quick version, he loved them, they stabbed him in the back, it wasn’t anything he did, he didn’t know he broke any rules, he didn’t know there were any rules, they were jealous he got to #1, he was going to leave anyway. Nothing is ever his fault. That about covers it.

Screenshot (5294)

He did much better for Raini York of Dragonsbride infamy. Here’s kevvie pleasing for just a little help gaming the system for an author who tried to tell reviewers how to write an acceptable (for authors) review, amongst other things.

Screenshot (4785)

Screenshot (4756)

Screenshot (4743)

Screenshot (4749)

Yes, he did good- or did he? The one thing kevvie and his mindless drones never think about is any other author. All those other authors that didn’t game the system in some way, didn’t cheat, didn’t try to make reviewers review to her specifications. All those other authors that might be better, in York’s case definitely better, than the one author they are determined to “lift up”. York withdrew her mess of a book and one of the reasons was that a lot of readers/reviewers were unhappy with kev’s upvoting campaign.

Kevvie doesn’t care about them, doesn’t want them to have a chance, kevvie is all about kevvie. These little campaigns are all about what he can do, not what the author in question needs.

You all remember Maggie Spence? She of the “making a phone call isn’t illegal”? This was where I first encountered kevvie/paro. (By the way, I’m not done with Maggie, I’ve got plenty of screenshots I don’t want to waste)

Screenshot (3051)

Screenshot (3050)

Screenshot (3286)

He certainly knows how to whip up his little followers to an upvoting frenzy. How well did he do for Maggie?

Screenshot (8831)

Screenshot (8830)

Screenshot (8829)

Screenshot (8828)

Now I wouldn’t say all of the mid to late August ratings are from his drones but I guess a large portion of them are. But Maggie’s book still isn’t any better and Maggie still thinks she did nothing wrong. How has any of his upvoting campaigns helped?

So, of the three authors kev has “lifted up” one is still a trainwreck, one has disappeared, one got less than twenty 5 star ratings. Wow. That’s some track record, color me unimpressed.

Should I mention how young a lot of these followers are? Yes.

Screenshot (8817)

Screenshot (5307)

Screenshot (3282)

Screenshot (3283)

Better check who the kiddos are talking to and what they might be asked to do and who might be lying to them.

I think that’s enough on Whineberg for tonight. Did I say that karma’s a bitch? It bears repeating. Hey, kevvie,


One of my friends had this comment on his banning;

Yeah, this is good, too.

Is a banning from Amazon next?


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