Review- Unbreakable Bonds

Screenshot (9389)Another from Mt Kindle TBR.

Turns out this is book #2 of 3 (so far) but Aspenson wrote it so that I wasn’t floundering around for details and she did it in such a way that I didn’t realize this wasn’t the first book.

Angela Panther, the heroine, has a loving but often absent husband, a teenage daughter, a 12 yr old son, and BFF with a cheating husband, and she also talks to dead people. Well, she used to talk to dead people but in the first book something happened and now she can’t. She can’t see them, she can’t talk to them.

The book is very strongly character driven, the plot is rather low key; Angela wants to regain the ability to see her dead mother, find out why a spirit is throwing stones at her, help her BFF, Mel, with her cheating husband, and keep her daughter from making a mistake with the wrong boy.

I guess the book wasn’t what I thought, I thought it might be more mystery but it was more about friendship and what you will do for your bestie when she’s hurting and in trouble. And it’s about family and how they can make you crazy.

Will I read the next book? Yes. The ending set Angela up to move forward on a new and unexpected (unexpected for her) path and I’d like to see what happens next.


Anne Rice and Reality- drifting ever farther apart

Sigh. Time to exercise the pigeon.

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Anne Rice is at it yet again, it seems that she is fascinated by yours truly. People flock to me like pigeons to popcorn so I can see why the poor dear keeps posting about me, all this charisma is a heavy burden. But let’s see what else she’s posting about, shall we?

Screenshot (9557)

Um. Wow.  Of course the negative reviews are fake????? Bullies patrol the site day and night? Oh, honey, you need to get a grip.  Beauty’s Kingdom isn’t garnering the landslide of five star reviews you think it deserves and you want to blame a group of people that don’t agree with you because, after all, it’s much easier than facing the fact that your book just wasn’t that good.

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That’s right, report the downvoters because they are obviously fake. Wait- how do you know who they are? Oh, that’s right, you have a little list of people who don’t kiss your ass feet and, what, give their names to your minions and tell them to go forth and report? Amazon hasn’t listened to you about the real name issue and they deleted your whole thread that was nothing but post after post of links to stgrb so now you are just pointing to various posters/reviewers and repeating to your fans to report, report, report.

Get a hobby- here’s an idea- write a book.

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You investigated them? This from the woman who used to say that she couldn’t know everything posted on stgrb because it was too dense. Not to put too fine a point on it, Annie, but I wouldn’t say that anymore because after reading parts of your latest offering I have absolutely no trouble believing that. And since you can’t even read past the latest post on that site anything you claim about “investigating” the Top Reviewers Forum can be viewed with a very large dose of skepticism. And we all know that you conveniently ignore anything that doesn’t suit you, too, so you wouldn’t be a reliable source for anything.

Okay, one last thing that has been explained to you more than once, no one is required to use the same name on every site they use. There is nothing wrong with using one name on Amazon and a different one for GR, BL, FB, Twitter, and wherever. Nothing.  People use different names different places for a variety of reasons but evidently the only reason you can think of is, well I’m not sure what you’re thinking. Are you?


You’re losing it, Annie.