Review- Unbreakable Bonds

Screenshot (9389)Another from Mt Kindle TBR.

Turns out this is book #2 of 3 (so far) but Aspenson wrote it so that I wasn’t floundering around for details and she did it in such a way that I didn’t realize this wasn’t the first book.

Angela Panther, the heroine, has a loving but often absent husband, a teenage daughter, a 12 yr old son, and BFF with a cheating husband, and she also talks to dead people. Well, she used to talk to dead people but in the first book something happened and now she can’t. She can’t see them, she can’t talk to them.

The book is very strongly character driven, the plot is rather low key; Angela wants to regain the ability to see her dead mother, find out why a spirit is throwing stones at her, help her BFF, Mel, with her cheating husband, and keep her daughter from making a mistake with the wrong boy.

I guess the book wasn’t what I thought, I thought it might be more mystery but it was more about friendship and what you will do for your bestie when she’s hurting and in trouble. And it’s about family and how they can make you crazy.

Will I read the next book? Yes. The ending set Angela up to move forward on a new and unexpected (unexpected for her) path and I’d like to see what happens next.


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