Review- Ready To Were

Screenshot (9602)Isn’t this a pretty cover? Too bad that’s the only thing pretty about it. Another book from my mountainous Kindle TBR pile.

I disliked this book. Essie, our heroine, is a werewolf and major screwup, she works for the WTF, Werewolf Treaty Federation. Isn’t that cute? Her latest assignment is sending her back home to- wait for it- Hung Island. Gag.

The hero is Hank, sheriff of Hung Island,  alpha werewolf, and major horse’s ass. He’s still angry because his mate, our heroine, ran away from him without any explanation and now he doesn’t want to work with her.

These are two of the most unlikeable, annoying main characters I’ve read so far this year. Most of the characters in this book are painted in broad, almost buffoonish strokes. Peterman might have been trying for a fluffy, comedic story but she overshot her goal and landed somewhere in Three Stoogesland.

The only main character I liked was Dwayne, Essie’s BFF who is a gay vampire. Peterman made him a little too over the top even for the gay cliché but he wasn’t nearly as annoying as the rest.

The plot was about as light and fluffy and contrived as you can get. Weres are going missing through a modeling agency on Hung so Essie is sent in undercover to investigate. I can’t believe I just wrote that. Peterman seems to be a prolific and popular writer but this book just did not work. Everything was too something.

Plot too light and too fluffy; characters too annoying; and the whole Essie/Hank breakup thing was a too overused device; then there is the one thing that makes Hank sleazier than a used car saleman in a polyester leisure suit- but I can’t tell you that because it’s a spoiler. It just didn’t endear good ol’ Hank to me.

I won’t be reading book 2 or any other Peterman book.