Review- The Three Best Freinds (the typo is not mine)

Screenshot (9852)It’s safe to say that if you follow my reviews you know how I feel about “authors” of books for YA and children. I believe these authors, more than any others, have a duty to GET IT RIGHT. Castellanos got nothing right.

Look at the title.

Then this is a very short story, in fact, I don’t consider it a story at all. Just a bunch of badly written, poorly constructed sentences full of misspellings and strange tense changes that tell instead of show one boy getting ready for his BF’s birthday party. Sort of. It reads like a poor effort of a story translated into English of a sort. In the middle of this mess Castellanos has inserted a picture of 3 robots. I don’t know why, there are no robots in the few, paltry paragraphs he has managed to mutilate.

I read this in 3 minutes, counting the time I had to ponder what he was trying to say. Do not subject a child to this, find them something worth their time that they can truly enjoy and will expose them to what a proper story is.

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