Rachel Ann Nunes- October Reminder

I have been remiss in my monthly reminders about Rachel Ann Nunes’ suit against her plagiarist. I did send an email to Rachel asking her how things were progressing and she sent me back a short note. As you can see this has cut into her writing time and it will still be almost a year before it goes to trial.

“Hi Mahala,

I’m so sorry that I have neglected to respond to this earlier. I’m been
writing like crazy trying to get SOMETHING out to my readers. Finally.

Currently, we have answered the opposing attorney’s requests and have
created a document detailing economic damages. I’m sad to say that I wasn’t
able to put out two of the books I normally would have, but I am definitely
writing again. And the joy is returning. My attorney has received
information from Amazon, Goodreads, and other social media about the
accounts in question, and he is now getting ready to take depositions from
the defendant. I will need to give one as well to the opposing attorney. At
present, the case is schedule to go to court in August 2016. That will be
two years from the infringement. I will be sending out an update soon on the
Go Fund Me and on my blog.

Thanks so much! And I’m sorry for the delay.

Trials are expensive so here is the link to her GoFundMe. Help send a message that the book community will not stand for neither the plagiarism nor the attacks Rushton directed towards Nunes after she was found out. Read the timeline here.