Review- Double Dragons: BBW Paranormal Romance (Dragons of New York Book 1)

Double Dragons: BBW Paranormal Romance (Dragons of New York Book 1) - Terry Bolryder

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I read this back in August and forgot to post a review after the new laptop arrived. Bolryder seems to be a popular author but after reading this I have no idea why because she has managed to make dragon shifters boring by employing just about every tired trope in existence. I have every expectation that she’ll use the rest.

Orphaned at an early age heroine just drifting through her dreary life

As a librarian no less

Leaps into a dangerous situation after deciding not to call the police

Not one but two too handsome men rescue her

And they are rich beyond the dreams of Donald Trump

And dragons

She’s special

They’re conflicted

They sleep together almost immediately but…

And there’s all this stuff they can’t tell her- yet

We meet our heroine, the librarian, and she immediately does something that anyone with a working brain cell would never do. But she’s just that special. The good (?) news is that she is rescued by our heroes, bold and brave dragons.

Except that these two spend most of this book talking about their feelings. They are the two most boring dragons I’ve ever read, no, they are more like two really big emo-lizards. Their treasure must be pallets of Kleenex and signed first editions of every self-help, feel-good-about-your-sorry-self book ever published.

In 127 pages these three meet, talk, she meets a couple of their friends, more talk, more talk, they go to rescue one of the friends, one gets injured, she saves him, they “transform” her because she in the “one”.  I realize it sounds more exciting when I summarize but believe me, it isn’t exciting at all.

Then there is the sex. Here is the sentence that sums up the sex best, “In his mind, he saw himself filling her to the hilt, making her eyes bug out in pleasure.” Nope. No eye-bugging-out sex for me, thank you very much.

If you are looking for strong, exciting, fierce, sexy dragons then keep moving because these are not the dragons you’re looking for.