New Book Release- The Takeover

New book release from Rachel Ann Nunes:

“I’m excited to announce that The Takeover, the fifth book in my pen name urban fantasy series is now available. If you’re signed up for my monthly newsletters (and not just the new release list), you already know it was on preorder. But the print and all ebook platforms are live as of September 30th. I’ve included the links and the book description here for your convenience, and you can read a sample chapter here. The ebook is $4.99 and the sale price for the print is $11.96 (price could change depending on vendor). Below that, you will find links to two multi-author book sales that my older books are involved in. Since sales are the best way I have of finding new books to read, and many of these are free or 99 cents, I wanted to pass that on to you (you can never have too many good books!).

I’m working on more contemporary romance now, and will send out a new release when they’re available. As always, thank you for your support!

Takeover—One Last Chance for Humanity

Since the announcement of Unbounded existence, the mortal world has quickly polarized. One faction wants all Unbounded—Renegade and Emporium—dead. Others worship them as gods who have come to save the world and bring it immortality. The tension between these groups is ready to explode.

Meanwhile, the Emporium has a new player, one who has upped the stakes in the battle for humanity. Many innocent mortals are sacrificed as the Emporium Triad grabs for control.

As Erin Radkey, Ritter Langton, and their Renegade allies struggle to stay one step ahead of the enemy, their increasing abilities are tested to the limit—as is their trust in each other. They have only one chance to change the game, to save humanity. A desperate plan that requires an ultimate price no one can bear to pay.

But everything is not always what it seems, especially in the world of the Unbounded. “

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Two Fantastic book sales

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