Author Richard Brittain Pleads Guilty for Attacking Reviewer with Wine Bottle

Illuminite Caliginosus

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Wild Rose Richard BrittainRemember last October, during the Katherine Hale controversy, when we heard about the reviewer who was whacked over the head with a wine bottle while working in supermarket Asda in Scotland by author Richard Brittain who?d travelled 500 miles to do so as revenge for a negative review?

Well, yesterday he pleaded guilty to assault and another charge of stalking another woman. Bail was refused and sentencing will take place at a later date.

All the UK national news organisations have reported on it:

  • Daily Mail: ?I could have died?: Asda shelf-stacker, 18, tells how she was bottled by Countdown champion who travelled 500 miles to Scotland to attack her after she gave his book a bad review online
  • Daily Mirror: Teenager bottled by ex-Countdown champion for giving his book bad review: ?I could have died?
  • BBC News: Author…

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