Authors We Like- S.A. Hunt

If you missed the first author in our event you can find her here.

S.A. Hunt posted a comment on one of my blogs disagreeing with me and for some reason I let him live. I’ve promoted his books and yet he is still not outselling Stephen King. He’s a veteran and a hard working author and I’m glad he agreed to participate.

Hi, folks!

Since I just finished the first draft of Malus 2, this month instead of participating in NaNoWriMo, I’m getting my lard ass out of my writing chair and getting some cardio in what I’m calling National No-Sitting Month (NaNoSitMo). I’m documenting that on my blog if you want to watch. It will probably lead into a detailed account of my journey into the emergency room at some point. Hopefully the hospital will have wifi.

That entry also has three spaghetti-western-styled Outlaw covers/posters I did in a fit of pique yesterday, if you’re into art and artlike things.

Thanks to everybody’s support in taking advantage of the Halloween giveaway I ran on my fantasy-horror Malus Domestica during the month of October, I broke into the Top 100 Horror Authors on Amazon (#75). Of course, once the sale ended, I dropped back out—but for just a little while, I danced among the stars, and it was because of all of you that grabbed it. I sincerely hope you enjoyed the book and had an outstanding Halloween.

If you’ve never heard of Malus Domestica, allow me to describe it:

From the award-winning author of the Outlaw King series comes another harrowing adventure in the grand tradition of Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Charlaine Harris.

Robin Martine has come a long way.

She’s not your usual college-age girl. More often than not, Robin’s washing a load of gory clothes at the laundromat, or down at the lake throwing hatchets at pumpkins. She lives in an old van, collects swords, and dyes her mohawk blue.

Also, she kills witches for a living on YouTube.

You see, Robin’s life was turned upside down by those hideous banshees from Hell. She spent high-school in a psych ward, drugged out of her head for telling the cops her mother Annie was murdered with magic. Magic from a witch named Marilyn Cutty.

After a 3-year warpath across America, she’s come home to end Cutty for good.

But she’ll have to battle hog-monsters, a city full of raving maniacs, and a killer henchman called the “Serpent” if she wants to end the coven’s reign over the town of Blackfield once and for all.

I’m going to be looking for beta readers for Malus 2 if anyone’s interested in that. Imagine Mad Max: Fury Road but with Mexican werewolves chasing a Winnebago through Texas, and the climax is absolutely nuts. It plays out like some kind of crazy-ass 90’s anime.

In other news: my beard is creeping up into Dwarven and/or Hobo territory, and it’s because I’m a little afraid to cut it. You see, about the time it started filling in, I got the news from my new agent that TOR, my dream publisher, wanted to see synopses and manuscripts for all three current Outlaw King books. And for some reason beards seem to have magical properties in the literary world, so I’m paranoid about cutting it before Tor gets back to me about what they’re going to do.

Call me superstitious, but at this point in my byzantine, frustrating career I’d abstain from pork and have my laptop blessed by Pope Francis himself if it got me a book deal with these people.

Happy early Thanksgiving! 🍗


Screenshot (1644)




What will you do when you retire? S.A.’s short story answers that question for one jolly (?) old elf.







Link to S.A. Hunt’s Amazon author page

Link to S.A. Hunt’s Amazon uk author page



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